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First and foremost, I'd like to thank the nurses at some hospital in Texas who couldn't spell my name properly. You've literally changed my life in the most confusing way. 

My name is Jash.

I once partied with Shia LaBeouf.

I like to art around town/s.

I love to musicate and create heaping gobs of perfectly orchestrated masterpieces in my head for no one to hear because I enjoy it that way. Sometimes it makes it into this dimension, and when it does, I get a little proud of myself. I produce little films.

I'm a Level 8 Google Maps snob and will review your a$$ if you're not nice to me.

I produce a podcast with my ex-youth pastor about men's mental health & hygiene (

I photo and videograph things that make me happy in hopes it makes at least one other person happy.

I author and have been published in several poetry books. My poems are depressing or at least they used to be.

I have a collection of short stories [not depressing] on the horizon (and when those are published, a link to them will be right here.)

I have, in fact, appeared in shows and movies for seconds at a time. Which is fun.

I believe you should run the Earth and watch the Sky.





Lyfe Is a Typo

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"I wish my name was spelled wronger"

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